About Us

Siiro Resort was established on 9th April 2012 and inaugrated by Mrs. Catriona child daughter of Lt. Col.Fredrick Nicholson Betts and Mrs.Ursula Graham Bower on 21th Jan.2013 who founded Subansiri District on 25th Dec.1946, fondly known as Soping-Yaper among community of Nyish and Apatani.
Siiro Resort is built with fully thick log natural of pine trees which work as energy conservation benefits of thermal mass and slowly release heat overtime where heating system is working well and can feel comfortable in winter. Resort is located at Siiro village on the way to Talley Valley, scenic grassland which is surrounded by the natural forests with full of grown blue pine trees and which is 2.5 km away from Hapoli.
Further, the area is part of extension of Hapoli Township.Because it is situated in Siiro village, the tourist can get chance to have a closer view of rich Apatani culture and experience tribal life style in true sense. One can see Tarin Fish farm which is a walk able distance from the Resort where breeding of beautiful high altitude fishes is done. After crossing the Siiro Resort we reach Dilopolyang-Manipolyang, beneath the twin hillocks lies paddy fields and in the middle of the fields flows a small river (KELE).